Coronavirus (COVID-19)
nOink have produced a Conronavirus condition pack for our users. More information here or just Start
NEWS: nOink gives their healthcare platform to the people of New York and New Jersey

Digital health platform for families to manage ANY
health condition(s)

nOink is a multi-user, multi-condition, multi-language health platform. nOink offers families and their carers a way to manage and organise any health condition(s).

nOink allows you to take control of your everyday real world health data and use it to your benefit - such as sharing it with any clinician, anywhere in the world, for a time period specified by you.

nOink works on all internet-enabled devices, is easy to use and your data is private & secure.

You can see videos of nOink in action here.

Multiple conditions
Multiple users
Multiple languages


With nOink you can record anything. We have over 400 different units of measure; from ångström (Å) to złoty (zł). You can include photos, movies, pictograms and more in your notes.
You can analyse your data using nOink’s pre-built dashboards for each member of your circle.
Digitise medication intake records and have it to hand at all times.
Never lose a document again and it is always with you when you need it most.
You can track your nOink notes to alert you if anything has been missed in your care routine.
nOink is multilingual, you can enter your data in any of our languages and view it in another. Current languages include Dansk, Deutsch, English, Espa??ol, Fran??ais, ??????????????????, Italiano, ?????????, Polski, Portugu??s, ??????????????, Tagalog and ??????.
You can give access to your dashboards to anybody with a valid email address for a limited time (specified by you) with a password set by you. nOink is designed to help you get the most out of your clinician visits.
You can chat with your circle anywhere in the world. The chat is completly private and remains on the platform.
Organise any aspect of your care workload with multi-user calendars, reminders and tasklists.