What is nOink?

Imagine a world where you can store all of your family's health data, record anything and access it when you need it.

Imagine having the technology to use your real world health data in a clinical or scientific environment and to be able to manage your entire family's health with only one app.

Imagine no more. nOink offers families and their professional carers a low cost platform to help manage any health condition(s) and save time.

Using nOink
Any device

It doesn't matter if you or other family members have different phones. nOink can be used on any smartphone, tablet or computer connected to the internet.

You can see videos of nOink in action here.

Any condition(s)

Forget single condition smartphone apps, nOink is multi-condition. This keeps all you health data in one place. If your condition is not listed in nOink you can request a condition pack to be created for you.

Getting started

Getting started is easy. You just need to sign up here

Create your profile

You begin by building your profile to include all relevant health information for you and your family (your circle). You can use nOink as central point for all your health information and/or for the management of a particular health condition for any family member.

Your carers

We want to make your life easier. This is why we have built nOink so that you can include anyone who helps you with care, including professional carers.


We take privacy very seriously. We don’t just mean with the privacy of your data. If you wish to keep certain health information private from others in your circle, choose Private when installing any condition pack.


You can do all this and much more inside your private walled garden.