Rare conditions

"Rare diseases may rely on orphan drugs but should not have to rely on orphan apps"

As the noink platform is a multi-condition & multi-user platform, we can integrate any disease (no matter how rare) in a matter of days allowing families to monitor and manage the condition immediately.

We are particularly interested in talking to patients or patient advocacy groups that have experience in caring for loved ones with rare conditions. To get in touch simply contact us on partners@noink.me.

noink’s MKD pack in action
As rare diseases also affect non-english speakers, noink comes in 13 languages.

noink has already integrated Cystic fibrosis, Phenylketonuria (PKU), FND, SC8NA & MKD (Hyper IDG) to name but a few. We are actively working on Lupus, Sarcoidosis & POMC

To add another rare condition all we need is engagement from rare disease advocates to share their experience and knowledge and let us know what aspects of a condition they need to track. Our philosophy around managing rare diseases is available here.