nOink extends condition offering


nOink have extended its offering to 13 separate medical conditions on their healthcare platform.

nOink, a UK based software company who’s platform allows users to track and manage ANY medical condition have now extended their offering to 13 conditions and continue to expand. In extending the platform, nOink now offers, a way for patients and their families to record and monitor their illness in a consistent fashion. You can sign up HERE

nOink created their platform with the recognition that the current software tools for patient health is fundamentally unrealistic and does not reflect the reality patient lives.

"Single condition apps for a single user are of limited use and are sometimes counterproductive in that they fragment patient data further" says nOink Co-founder Trevor Gill.

"We looked at the reality of families living with complex chronic conditions and produced our platform philosophy from there" adds Co-founder Dr Liam Holohan.

This philosophy includes:

To date nOink have produced ’Condition packs’ allowing families to record structured information for:

nOink also recognise that to truly be helpful a health platform has to be far more than simply a mechanism to record symptoms. nOink founders come with experience of complex care in a family setting and nOink’s organisational functionality helps families with the mechanics of organising care and staying organised. nOink also provides contextual information on any condition on the platform.

"nOink aims to give families living with complex conditions that most precious commodity; time" says Dr Holohan.

The power of a health platform rather than a app is its infinite extendibility and we aim for nOink to grow to include many more conditions. nOink is proving this by addressing Rare conditions first. To get in touch with nOink you can contact them HERE.

Overview of the nOink platform