Introducing "Pick & Mix"


DSST LIMITED have recently announced the addition of "Pick & Mix" ability to their noink platform.

noink, the flagship product from UK based software company DSST LIMITED that allows users to track any condition announced this fundamental step change after many months of development.

"The problem with the vast majority of mHealth technology is what you see is all you get" says DSST founder Dr Liam Holohan, "This ignores the reality that we have individual needs, different care pathways and unique responses even with the same medical condition"

"Pick & Mix" allows noink users to completely customise their noink after they have installed a condition pack. You can add your individual medications, symptoms & observations. Disable ones you don't use and even give nicknames to your common items, all the while maintaining the multi-user and multi-lingual aspects of the system.

"This was a balancing act between providing comprehensive data entry ability when you start using noink but not crowding the system with too many items and overwhelming a user" adds Dr Holohan.

The complex work behind the scenes was that any item added to noink in this manner must also come with trusted health information; entered data has to remain structured for doctors, have realistic values at the outset and all the while working in any of the languages provided. What you see with noink is just the start of what you get.

"Pick & Mix" takes noink to another level of person-centric health; In fact this is further than any personalised medicine we have seen to date. We call this "Singular Health" says Dr Holohan.

You can signup to noink Here.