noink helps PKU


noink, the flagship product from UK based software company DSST LIMITED that allows users to track and manage any medical condition, released their PKU (Phenylketonuria) pack globally in January. By creating this pack noink now offers families living with PKU the ability to both manage the condition and share their data with clinicians or research organisations. You can sign up Here.

"PKU, is a complex lifelong condition that needs to be treated with extreme control of diet and possibly in conjunction with medication" says DSST founder Dr Liam Holohan.

"On boarding PKU onto the platform was a departure from our usual work with rare diseases as it required a large investment in food data collation" Dr Holohan adds.

To make the PKU pack truly useful for users, noink had to integrate nutritional values of foods from many different countries in many different languages and now contains information on over 12,000 foods and almost half a million nutritional data points. The pack also had to integrate the nutritional values of clinical products and from specialist low protein food manufacturers.

People living with PKU need to regulate their intake of the amino acid Phenylalanine to avoid irreversible brain damage. As Phenylalanine is found high protein foods such as eggs, dairy and meat these foods must be avoided. Artificial sweetener (aspartame) is converted into phenylalanine in the body so "Diet" drinks are also to be avoided.

Working with PKU experts in 3 countries allowed noink to gain a real insight into what families living with PKU require from a healthcare platform. "PKU means a life of counting grams of protein and a difficult relationship with food. If noink can help PKU families in any small way we feel it is worth the effort" says Dr Holohan.

PKU now joins many other rare conditions already on the platform to provide an offering that caters to the often overlooked rare disease community.

UPDATE : 03-JUN-2020
† Since going to press, noink has further extended its food data capability to include over 20,000 foods and 800,000 nutritional data points.
Introducing the noink PKU pack