DSST industry insights


DSST are delighted to release our series of market insights relating to the interaction of healthcare and technology. These insights are brought to you by DSST founder Dr Liam Holohan and are available for all to download. This series of insight papers reflect the insights and lessons learned from a long career of working in both technology and healthcare. They are based on experience of real-world delivery of technology and lessons learned. The series of papers range from broad national level problems to specific technology challenges within healthcare systems.

  Move fast and don’t break things
This insight discusses the inherent tension between Technology and healthcare and how a consensus needs to be achieved to leverage technology to improve healthcare outcomes for all.
  The problem with mHealth
This insight discusses the poor performance of mHealth applications and their lack of clinical adoption.
  Will GenX end universal healthcare
This insight discusses the looming demographic pressures on universal healthcare provision in developed economies. While this insight looks at the situation in the UK in particular, it is applicable to most western economies.
  The human data source - Introducing Singular Medicine
This insight examines humans as a health data source and discusses the merging of genomic, clinical and real-world data to create Singular Medicine.

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