DSST Interoperability


DSST are very proud to announce that is has completed its FHIR® data export API. This means that all patient data generated within the noink platform now conforms to an internationally recognised health data standard and gives our users the benefit of clinical system interoperability.

"We have discussed system interoperability in the past and one of the major failings of current mHealth offerings is the lack of interfaces with professional healthcare systems" says Dr Liam Holohan of DSST.

The noink data export API allows patients to share their data with anybody they wish. Users have complete control over exactly what particular data items are shared, with whom and for how long. The data is created to the accepted FHIR standard and outputs as either XML or JSON allowing for mhealth system to EHR system communication.

"We feel mHealth systems used by people are not clinical enough for healthcare professionals and patients lack access to those systems used by doctors" continues Dr Holohan.

By adding this interoperability milestone to the noink platform, DSST are closing what they see as the efficacy gap with retail healthcare technology. They hope that with true interoperability we can all achieve better integrated healthcare, improved outcomes and evolve to what DSST call singular medicine.