nOink helps Brain Tumour patients


nOink have created and released an Brain Tumour condition pack onto their platform.

nOink, a UK based software company who’s platform allows users to track and manage any medical condition released an brain tumour "condition pack" onto their platform today. By creating this, nOink now offers, a way for brain tumour patients and their families to record and monitor their illness in a consistent fashion. You can sign up HERE

"Brain tumours cover a broad range of different types and creating a comprehensive tool was no easy task" says nOink Co-founder Dr Liam Holohan.

nOink's aim is to allow Brain tumour patients and their families record, and therefore gain meaningful insights on any aspect of their treatment. Armed with this data it is hoped that patients can then articulate these findings in an objective way with their clinicians and receive the most effective treatment that works for them as an individual.

"Brain tumour treatment is very hard on patients and if recording all aspects of the care journey can help alleviate some of this for any patient then it is well worth the effort" continued Dr Holohan.

"This Brain tumour condition pack was our largest to date, allowing patients to record over 60 different data points as often as they want" says nOink co-founder Trevor Gill.

In creating this pack nOink worked with experts and have produced a truly useful tool for the entire family.

The nOink Brain Tumour condition pack in detail